Промышленные вакуумные решения для безопасной утилизации асбеста



Почему утилизация асбеста опасна?

The reclamation and disposal of materials containing asbestos are regulated by specific and strict Rules changing from country to country. All companies operating in the removal of asbestos must abide by these Rules.
The removal of asbestos consists of its eradication, insulation, packaging and transport to the landfill. These operations permit to radically and permanently eliminate the risk of toxic emissions released by asbestos fibers and can be carried out in public and domestic buildings, but also in industrial plants.
All of these actions, starting from the removal from walls and roofs, up to the smoothing and scarification of floors containing asbestos, causes large amounts of asbestos dust, which is not only hazardous to the health of operators, but might also be dispersed in the surrounding environment.

Industrial vacuum cleaner certified for asbestos treatment

Industrial vacuum cleaners are the right solution to avoid dust release in environments. Thanks to the constant vacuuming directly from the source, these machines safely and easily neutralize the dispersion of asbestos.
In order to safely remove asbestos fine dusts, industrial vacuum cleaners must be equipped with:
- a double level of filtration: a primary filter and a secondary class H filter (HEPA or absolute) ensuring maximum filtration and wholesomeness of air inside the environment
- a safe bagging system to collect dust and toxic wastes, like the Endless Bag safe bagging system or H class special disposable bags. The system facilitates both bagging and transportation of the collected material. Disposable bags protect workers from direct contact with toxic dusts.
Delfin engineered a specific product for the treatment of ASBESTOS: DG 50 EXP ASBESTOS, industrial vacuum cleaner for asbestos suction.


Industrial vacuum cleaner for asbestos removal: class M, HEPA and H-ASBEST dust filtration.
This vacuum cleaner releases clean air back out of the building. Tests have been carried out in accordance with the following Rules: IEC / DIN EN 60335-2-69 / appendix AA.
DG50 EXP ASBESTOS is designed to use specific bags for asbestos disposal.
To find out more about vacuum cleaners for asbestos dust, contact us at +39011800 55 00 or at delfin@delfinvacuums.it !

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